Fresh Start: 21 Days Toward a Daily Writing Habit

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Successful writers write regularly. Isn't it time for you to take your writing seriously? Sign up for 21 days of writing prompts and set the foundation for a brand new daily writing habit.

How daily writing prompts improve writing


Take control.
Turn dreams into goals and goals into finished work by establishing a daily writing habit. Don't wait for a sign or depend on inspiration or "finding the time." Make the time—just 15 minutes or less—and stick with it for 21 days. You'll be on your way to writing like a pro.



Practice writing skills.
Nobody is born knowing how to write. It's an acquired skill, and writing is the only way to learn how to write. Practice characterization, descriptions, dialogue, brevity, emotions in body language, sentence length, and much more. 



Enhance your creativity.
Set your ideas free by exercising your imagination muscles. No more worrying about what to write! With just 15 minutes or less each day, you'll never face writer's block again—or you'll know how to get past it with the skills you'll learn.

What happens after 21 days?

You'll have access to additional resources and tips including blog posts to reinforce your new writing habit. 21 days is just the beginning, but you'll find so much inspiration and belief in your writing skills that you won't want to stop.